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Jan 4, 2018
I mean seriously, alot of people say they hate me because i make stupid post on forums, come on this is forums, any type of post is allowed except spam or advertising post, i only advertise my channel once accidently and i never did it again, and i still keep on receiving hates, most of the hates are from keay,in one of my post called "why does everybody hate me" many people told me to F88k off this website, but 1 reason, as long as im not really stupid in real life, im already studying mainstream, as i said earlier forum post does not nessasarily have to be EXTREMELY smart like if stephen hawkings or albert enstein post a thread, we can post any type of post as long as they r not spam or advertising, most of my post is all about bugs i have detect on centrixpvp and all i wanted was a random person who is a professional at centrixpvp or a staff member to answer, if u want to hate on me, hate on me in ur minds, there is no point of letting out ur hate, i mean i never did something that offended anybody. if u think i offended anybody tell me in the reply and i will try my best to change.


Staff member
I know what you mean and try to say and ik it can be annoying, but try to ignore it. I'm staff and i have haters too i rlly do. If this really gets too far you can pm staff or we'll just see it. They can find that your posts are "dumb" and it is good too that you report bugs. Try to think what is good for yourself and do what doesn't break any rules :p



Jul 18, 2017
It's not you who is dumb here, it's your posts. Try changing your way of posting threads. Caps lock doesn't make your thread attract attention, it just makes the post harder to read. That's why we rate dumb on most of your posts (besides, if you get 500 votes, you get a legendary kit, 750 votes, you get something from me, 1000 votes, phantom rank). As for your complaints, please keep in mind that these bugs don't get fixed instantly, you have to be patient and wait for a staff member to fix it, if it doesn't get fixed don't go keyboard warrior on the forums, I'm sure if the problem is serious they're working on something. If you want a legendary kit try earning money, wait for a sale, and buy legendary. Also, you CANNOT transfer items from different games in Centrix, which means that transferring your faction items to skyblock is impossible.
On top of all that, I'm sorry if my replies to your posts offended you, I was trying to make you know that most of your posts do not make sense. Have a nice day.


KitPvP Head
Jul 15, 2017
If you probably stress your central nervous system a bit, you can finally realize that the more you post stuff regarding the issue of people giving you dumb ratings, the more and more they will give you dumb ratings, that's how stuff works eh ? So I would suggest moving on...