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Hello and welcome to the new prison guide where we'll explain how to play and how everything works!

How to start

You have to mine blocks in the mines and sell them for money.
With the money can you deal stuff with other people, but the risk is that people can scam you and they give nothing.
If you have enough money you can rankup and get a rank higher to the next mine with other stuff in it until you are finally "FREE".
You can sell stuff by right clicking onto the signs on the pillars by each mine like here.
If you left click on it you'll get the worth of every block at that mine like here.
You have 26 main mines from A to Z and 10 prestiges where prestige 10 is FREE of.

Be aware that scamming is allowed in prison!!!
100B is the max amount of money due to a limit

Basic Command
  • /spawn - Teleports you to the spawnlocation.
  • /warp [warpname/mine] - Teleports you to a warp or mine. (means which rank you are is your minename so if you are A you do /warp a)
  • /warps - Gives you all the warp/mine names you can enter/go to.
  • /rankup - Makes you a rank higher like from A to B.
  • /prestige - Makes you a prestige higher if you are Z like from P1 Z to P2 A.
  • /kit [kitname] - Gives you a kit to help you escaping.
  • /plots - Gives you a List of all plot commands (more info later).
  • /ah sell <price> [amount of items] - Lets you sell items in the auction.
  • /mcmmo help - gives you a list of all mcmmo commands.
  • /redeem [skill] [amount] - Add your credits to a mcMMO skill of choice.
  • /pay <player> <amount money> - Pay someone money (Min 1k).
  • /iinfo - Gets the id of the item in your hand.
  • /vote - Vote and receive amazing rewards.
  • /ranks - Shows all the rankup prices.
  • /prestiges - Shows all the prestige prices.
You can make a buy/sell shop on your plot with the format here

Prisonrank/Prestige Permissions
  • If you go a prestige higher you get permission to the kits like /kit P2 and /kit P3.
  • At some prisonranks/prestiges you get something special:
  • Rank D: Permission to create/own plots.
  • Rank E: Permission to enter the PVPMine.
  • Rank P: Permission to set the plotfcentrixlag "weather" and "time".
  • Prestige 5: Permission to /heal and /feed with a cooldown of 5 mins.
  • Prestige FREE: Permission to enter the FREE mine with /warp FREE and to open the spawner shop.

PlotSquared Commands
(Remember you have to be rank D or higher to use these commands)
  • /plot info - Shows all the information about a plot. (For everyone)
  • /plot visit <name> [number] - Teleports you to another's plot. (For everyone)
  • /plot home [number] - Teleports you to your plot.
  • /plot auto - Claims a random plot.
  • /plot claim - Claims the plot you are standing on.
  • /plot add <player> - Add someone who can build on your plot while you're online.
  • /plot trust <player> - Trust someone on your plot who can always build.
  • /plot kick <player> - Kicks someone from your plot.
  • /plot deny <player> - Denies someone to enter your plot.
  • /plot biome <biomename> - Set the biome of your plot.
  • /plot clear - Resets your plot.
  • /plot delete - Deletes and unclaims your plot.
  • /plot remove <player> - Untrusts/unadds/undenys a player from your plot.
  • /plot toggle <titles|clear-confirmation>
  • /plot fcentrixlag set <fl a gname> <value> - Set a plotfcentrixlag on your plot. (only for rank P and higher)

Mcmmo Commands
  • Some skills are disabled - unarmed (only unarming people), blastmining, excavation, herbalism, taming.
  • /mcstats - Shows all the current level of all your mcmmo skills.
  • /inspect - Shows others mcmmo information.
  • /mcscoreboard <clear|keep> - Clears/Keeps your stats scoreboard from showing.
  • /<skill> - Shows you a detailed explaination about a mcmmo skill.
  • /mcability - Toggles you from using mcmmo-abilities.
  • /party – Shows you all the party subcommands (some features are disabled).

Donator Commands
  • /ec - Opens your enderchest.
  • /wb - Opens a crafting table.
  • /pv <number> - Opens a Player Vault.
  • /block - Makes from your materials blocks.
  • /plot music - Sets a music that will play when someone enters your plot.
  • /party create – Creates a party.
  • Kit Phantom, Max 2 Plots, Permission to set PlotMusic, Max. 1 Player Vault, Max. stack of 5 potions,
  • Permission to sell 2 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to get broken spawners.
  • Permission to access the Phantom mine with /warp Phantom.

  • /feed - Restores your hunger (with a cooldown).
  • Kit Vanguard and Max 3 Plots
  • Permission to sell 3 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to access the Vanguard mine with /warp Vanguard.

  • /near – Shows you all the players near you.
  • Kit Titan and Max 4 Plots
  • Permission to sell 4 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to access the Titan mine with /warp Titan.

  • /fly - Gives you the ability to fly.
  • /ptime <time> - Changes the current time, use @<time> to lock the time.
  • /pweather <clear|storm> - Changes the current weather.
  • /potion - Stacks the potions in your inventory.
  • Kit Gladiator, Max 5 Plots and Max. stack of 32 potions,
  • Permission to sell 5 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to access the Gladiator mine with /warp Gladiator.

  • /heal - Restores your health (with a cooldown).
  • Kit Hero and Max 6 Plots
  • Permission to sell 6 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to access the Hero mine with /warp Hero.

  • /sellall [mine] - Sells everything in your inventory.
  • Kit Demonic and Max 7 Plots
  • Permission to sell 7 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to access the Demonic mine with /warp Demonic

  • /autosell - Automatically sells everything in your inventory.
  • /fix - Repairs the item in your hand for FREE.
  • Kit Legendary, Max 8 Plots and Max. stack of 64 potions,
  • Permission to sell 8 things at the same time in the CrazyAuction (/ca) and
  • Permission to access the Legendary mine with /warp Legendary.
Other information
The explosion enchant gives you per each level +10% chance to mine a 3x3 hole (disabled in plotworld)
The Haste enchant gives you the haste effect, the level is your haste power.

Still questions?
You can always send me or other staff a message and we will reply as soon as possible!

By @ludozz.
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