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Feb 8, 2020
Hi I am a 1k subscribers gaming/beats channel. My gaming videos can sometimes get decent views, for instance the videos I created in other servers has 2.2k views and 500+ views. I have been playing on this server long ago and I've decided to record on it now for free. Given that I'd do your advertisement for free, I need some support from you guys, such as I'm a uni student (19 years old) and "may" sometimes be unable to upload every week. Similarly, I may not be able to upload 2 videos on centrix before getting rank because; 1stly I'm a funny moments channel and getting funny moments isn't such an easy task (well its entirely luck so), secondly I can prove it to you guys that this is my channel by some other method (such as updating the about section with ip of centrix). I don't actually play much on other servers except hypixel so given Youtube rank, I will become one very active member here and will do all my recordings in this server.

With all that said, I can't wait to be a permanent part of this community. I'd love your immediate understanding towards certain problems that I mentioned above.

Kind Regards!
My channel: youtube.com/c/Dweeb Demon