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Update SALE, free-build servers reset + other updates!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kawithomas, Aug 16, 2017.

By Kawithomas on Aug 16, 2017 at 1:28 PM
  1. Kawithomas

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    Jul 14, 2017
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    Hello everyone,

    It was a long while without any updates on Centrix, but that time has been ended.
    We have worked hard on new things such as adding new features (like the vote system), and servers who must be reset/updated. Also some new gamemodes will come soon to Centrix.

    We are currently running a sale of 45% OFF in our webstore.
    This sale will end on 27AUG 2017, so be fast!
    You can still buy the ranks with the normal permissions like everyone has! These permissions won't go away AFTER the EULA enforcement! So be fast before it's too late > store.centrixpvp.eu
    Read more about the EULA enforcement down here!

    1.8 - 1.12.1 Support
    As know, we have added 1.12.1 support last week to Centrix.
    You are able now to play with the following versions on CentrixPVP, 1.8x/1.9x/1.10x/1.11x/1.12x

    Kit-PVP Reset
    The Kit-PVP server has been reset tonight succesfully. Reported and well-known bugs have been fixed and the server is now online so you are able to play on it!
    - New map and warps
    - Added jumppads
    - Added custom pvp-levelings system
    - Added custom voteparty
    - Added new crates plugin
    - New duel arena's (1v1)
    - Added/Edited new kits and cooldowns

    We would like to hear your feedback about the new Kit-PVP server. If you got any new suggestions, create a thread then on the forums to let us know!

    We got a lot of requests that players are missing old maps. So we started this with a complete new organised lobby. Nah not complete new, it's an old one which has been edited a bit.
    The new lobby contains must more protection from hackers, such as an Anti-Killaura system, which is built into the menu plugin. You are now also able to use your user settings in the lobby.

    Other free-build servers (Factions-Skyblock-Prison-Survival-Creative)
    All these servers will reset soon, suggestions are welcome and can be created on the forums.

    Donator perks
    The last weeks there were a lot of questions about the donator perks if you will keep them after we have launched the EULA enforcement on our network. The answer is YES!
    We don't have a specific date yet when we will update our webstore to remove all this perks such as, kits or others.
    If you will donate now for a rank, you will still get the permissions as anyone else, and you will keep THESE!

    Changes and updates
    - 60% done with BuildBattle
    - Working on 2 new gamemodes
    - Updated CMS LobbyAddon
    - Added CMS MenuAddon
    - Updated CMS VoteAddon
    - Added CMS PVPLevelsAddon
    - Added new CMS AntiCheat feature (killaura-blocker in lobbies)
    - Added Quick method to claim your voterewards (right-click in the votemenu to claim more rewards at once)
    - Currently working on the new factions servers
    - Added YouTuber/Twitch requirements
    - Updated Rules
    - Caught a developer in our new zoo
    - Changed website-server to a new (faster) one

    I hope you will all enjoy the new updates across the network, have fun!

    The CentrixPVP Staff-team

    Server-IP: play.skybattle.net
    Website: www.centrixpvp.eu
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/CentrixPVP
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/centrixpvp
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/centrixplaysmc
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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Kawithomas, Aug 16, 2017.

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    2. bobthevillager
      I would like to give my congratulations to the Staff & Build Team for their excellent work and especially @SkyAcer009, @Techo2 and @thibeastmo for their excellent work in the new KitPVP, And continue doing so

      bobthevillager / Titan(Ex-Vanguard)
    3. raulfigas20
    4. thibeastmo
      Thank you Bob, I appreciate your enthousiasm :D
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      why the heck is the website glitching for me? i can see everyone's chats in there avatars
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      Just kidding. :)
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      There is a thing called "Suggestions" right? Please suggest there.
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      Please don’t start a fight, also please keep the thread on topic.
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      Please dont start a fight
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      You are the one that is message farming constantly telling me this and that
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      this thread was to talk about the new stuff and see if they have glitches or somthing
      but you are constantly talking about farmers and stuff

      To keep my post on topic ill add:

      dangit i cant wait for that! and can you guys please fix that glitch that happenes to most BuildBattles: somtimes the old build of a plot still stays and well... sometimes the build is so cool you win without even doing anything

      and another glitch is that sometimes you get stuck in the walls and well...... you cant build anything

      ALSO i have a suggestion! what if builder ranks can give extra votes? it makes sense ? xD
      yes i know this isent the suggestion's thread but this topic makes most sense and its not a big suggestion

      Dident he retire or somthing? ( NOT BEING RUDE )

      Please remove 1.8 because i cant wait to Dual Weild swords and ACTUALLY WAIT for the Crosshair's timer because im getting constantly killed by people who have those super-fast auto hitters and if the 1.9 laws come it would really help in killing hackers
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