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Jan 14, 2018
Hello, Skyblock has a lot of issues and its missing some things becuase there isnt a head that is active and if I contact a other admin he says message me and il respond but they just ignore so that because I am writing to you
irst of ententie dispawning like taged vilcentrixlager and other mobs + like spawner mobs why do they dispawn and minecarts dispawn too and random item frame dispawn and some other things too and sometimes in pvp we cant hit anyone now to Some suggestion to shop some spawners are just useless like spider and Horse and skelton horse if you remove that we can get awsome spawners like parrot becuase everyone loves that and ghast because that give good stuff and add some other eggs we dont need chicken eggs and cow eggs do like parrot and ocolot and add muten,gold,rotten flesh and wool to selll
because zombie and sheep spawners are just there for nothing
That are some issues/suggestion to skyblock if there is more il tell you

Sorry for bad spelling