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Hello everyone! Over the past few months, the skyblock heads have been hard at work for the skyblock reset! We’re proud to announce that skyblock is ready for some action after being in the shadows! Enjoy!


  • New plugin!
  • Find of the list of commands
  • Upgradeable islands!
  • Vote for your favorite islands!
  • Add signatures to your island
  • New island role: Operators
  • Added island borders
  • Communicate with teammates using /is chat
  • Loads of new settings that you can control!
  • Get minions to do everything for you!
  • Obtained through the minions crate
  • Shifting near trees makes them grow instantly
  • You no longer have to wait for them to grow
  • While holding a diamond hoe, you now can automatically plant crops!
  • Occurs every 5 minutes with 5, 10,30, and 60-second warnings
  • Item frames, minecarts, wolves, and armor stands will no longer be cleared
  • Minimum and maximum bet prices are $100 and $10,000,000
Auction House
  • Maximum list price is now $10,000,000
  • Collect a chest every 10 seconds
  • Use any silk touch pickaxe to break a spawner
  • Spawners will go directly to your inventory instead of being dropped
  • Added supreme crates
  • Pistons can no longer push blocks outside of islands
  • Your inventory will be cleared whenever you start or restart an island
  • Right-click obsidian with an empty bucket to get lava back
  • Added /warp farms
  • Added /warp parkour
  • Added /warp event
  • Added /warp help
  • Added /warp islands
  • Removed McMMO
  • Removed /warp top10
  • Removed /warp food

There have been many smaller changes for better gameplay.
If you find any bugs or glitches please report the bug or glitch, with visual evidence, to a server manager or skyblock head.

InternetShortcut and brianrossinyg Skyblock Heads
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all the vilcentrixlagers of the players, disappeared although they had labels
that is a problem because many of us invested time and materials in getting them and all the work was lost