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Hey guys,

We are happy to announce that SkyBlock has been reset! A lot of things has been changed so here is the changelog.
The server is currently running 1.8.9 but you are able to join with 1.8x/1.9x/1.10x/1.11x/1.12x/1.13x and 1.14x. This means aswell that the old 1.8 combat is back on SkyBlock!

- Added coinflip
- Added Mcmmo (500 is max leveling)
- Added the gui shop

- Optimized vote system and added voteparty back
- You are now able to fly in the spawn area
- Added new warps
- Added leaderboards
- Added upgradeble generators
- Reworked the island panel
- Added scoreboard
- Changed some anticheat features

Remember, this is phase 1 from the SkyBlock reset. We will add and change more things after the release time! Suggestions are still welcome!

We hope you’ll enjoy the reset!
- Centrix Management Team
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