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Jul 17, 2017
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Global -

1.Make the tab organized like in Faction with Donor (Leg-Phantom) start at 1st then follow by others.

2. Of course , A better AntiCheat for all server

Faction - @Sywo @michael244

1.Make a wild Koth within 1k block radius from spawn . Disable fly and sethome between this radius so it would be fair for all player to go to the koth without any advantages.

Make 4 KoTH within this 1k radius The Koth Suggestion is

1. - KoTH Volcano , Volcano like Terrain
2. - KoTH Atlantis , A place floating on the water with water surrounding it
3. - KoTH Hell , Nether or Hell like terrain located under the ground with lava surrounding it But not located in Nether
4. - KoTH Olympus , Hill like terrain . The KoTh located at the highest point of the hill

2. Also Make a random supply drop with those 1k radius . The SupplyDrop may contain ton of good stuff (Armor,Gapps,etc) . This supply drop is nearly same as an envoy but it spawn with a better loot and you can choose the loot you wanted from it by opening the chest . Every supply drop will last for 30m So you will have time to find it and gather the stuff.

3. 24/7 Koth by @Gladdid - https://centrixpvp.eu/threads/factions-suggestion.193/

4. Suggestion by @giorgio - https://centrixpvp.eu/threads/suggestion-for-factions.1769/

This would be amazing if it added on the next RESET! :p

Skyblock - @Kiekerino @WhattaTreeat or any staff since both of them inactive

1. Add /rename cmd.

2. @MCPvp2 Is top suggestion - I didnt found the thread . But he said make it like /f top in Faction that shows the amount of blocks that the faction have but in SkyBlock version . It would be amazing.

3. Organized tab as i said in Global.

A new gamemode and minigames

1. BedWars . BedWars is one of the most popular minigames. Many top server have this . It would attract more player. :D
2. Practice . Many player suggesting this since a few month ago . If this going to be added It must have a "great" AntiCheat to prevent hacker.


Anhilattion - @didjee2

Since the staff that manage the Anhilattion Project got demoted Will it still coming or it will just a hope

I know most of them are suggested before I'm just resuggesting it. Anyway thank you for reading
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Nov 11, 2017
Nice Suggestion♥
Aug 31, 2017
Thank you for the suggestion I like the koth idea.
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