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Jul 15, 2017
Factions Reset: 2nd Season for Op-Factions:
Release Date: Friday 11 a.m. EST.
F top Reward: To Be Determined (based on popularity)
Heads: michael244 & abhaylp6
Testers/ Trainees: Slinticeplayz & Peach_H

Thank you for all the suggestions and constant update on bugs! With your help we were able to continue to grow and improve factions on Centrix. This has been a Six month project and we hope that you all are looking forward to it!
Continue to report bugs and suggestions in order to make this one of the best reset!
Good luck!
  • Factions Team

  • NEW: Factions Plugin (/f help)
    • We have moved to a much better factions plugin which has less bugs
    • F fly is available for EVERYONE in their own faction claims
    • /f upgrade: a series of WORKING upgrades to make your faction stronger
    • /f tntbank and /f tntfill to make a carry able tntbank and fill dispensers faster
    • Factions leaders are able to customize permissions for their ranks
    • Max 1 ally 2 Truces
  • Kits (/kit)
    • We decided to nerf timings of kits in order to ensure that things like godaxes and godswords are much more rare
    • All the kits have gotten new looks!
    • Member kit was given a pickaxe
  • NEW: F top Plugin (/f top)
    • Better regarding performance
    • Slight alters to f top spawner prices to stabilize the economy
    • Incentives for f top will be a thing.
  • Crates: (/warp crates)
    • Major crate changes- large buffs while making keys more rare/important
    • New: Rank Crate- Win temporary ranks On Op-Factions only. All ranks are 2 weeks except legendary (1 week). Keys are winnable through some events, extremely keys and Superior Crate.
  • NEW: Tokens (/token shop)
    • New: /token shop
    • Win tokens through crates or purchase on the website to get items
  • Voting (vote)
    • Key Nerf: only win vote keys now (not a random key)
    • New: Gain mcmmo credits through crates
    • New: Win Tokens from voting
  • Envoys (/envoy)
    • Play limit to start nerfed
    • Loot Nerfed
    • Start timing nerf
    • New: Moved to warp pvp
  • New: Custom Enchants (/ce) (/enchanter)
    • 136 different custom enchants
    • All Custom enchants have a 100% chance of applying
    • Xp. Prices Altered
    • Constant updates to balance out custom enchants
  • New: Auction Plugin (/auction help)
    • Chat auction plugin instead of /ah
    • More competition of bidding
  • New: Kill streak
    • Chat kill streaks pop up when you reach certain coals
    • Chat will announce stolen kill streaks if individual with a kill streak dies
  • New: Boss plugin
    • Beta: Still in the works
    • Fight bosses to earn cool rewards
  • Shop (/shop)
    • New: spawners added back to /shop
    • Prices altered in order to keep a solid economy
  • New: Gkits (/gkit)
    • 5 original gkits are added back
    • /gkit to preview gkits
    • 3 day cooldown
    • Purchase gkits on our website to obtain
  • New: Chunk Busters
    • The ability to break chunks to make trenching faster
    • Win through crates only!
  • Cannoning
    • Cannons are continuing to be fixed/patch as we try to find fixes.
    • New: Regen walls should not work to ensure bases are raidable at this time
  • New: Lottery (/lottery)
    • New lottery plugin with a gui
  • Mob Drops
    • Slight alter to mob drop rates to stabilize the economy
    • Vicentrixlagers: emeralds
    • Creepers: tnt
    • New: Witches: Potions!
  • Rage/Fury (/rage) (/fury)
    • New looks to the rage and fury command
  • Schematica/Printer
    • Fixed: Anti cheat should not kick you now
  • Events:
    • Events will be attempted to be done weekly
  • New: OPCRATE
    • Animated crate with a large amount of rare rewards
    • Win through crates or buy on the website!
  • New: Sell wand
    • Win through the event crate
    • Unlimited uses
  • Fixed: Warp end (/warp end)
    • Warp end now doesn’t have any weird bugs with random area of voids
  • New: Welcome new players
    • New players will be welcomed in chat on first join
  • Genbucket (/genbucket)
    • Prices altered to work with the economy
    • Small changes to horizontal gen buckets
  • New: /fix hand
    • Replaces the sign package for fix hand for various reasons
  • New: Xp bottle withdraw (/xpbottle [amount])
    • Withdraw xp to store or protect when you go out to pvp
  • New: Chat item [item]
    • Show off your items in chat using: [item]
  • New Feature!: Armor Swap
    • Switch armor out faster by right clicking in hotbar
  • Combat tag
    • Large additions to things in the combat tag list
  • Faction Ranks
    • Changes to prices to go with the economy
    • New look: Changed the ranks to prefixes to make chat look cleaner
  • New: Redeemable mcmmo
    • Redeem mcmmo to various skills
    • In a gui!
    • Pay credits to friends!
  • Koth (/warp)
    • New Maps Located in spawn
    • Slight changes to koth loot to work with the economy
  • New: Mob Stacker
    • A much better mob stacker plugin that should help with current bugs regarding to stacking of mobs: including blaze not being able to attack you
  • Glitching
    • Added things to stop enderpearl glitches to try to help with glitching into bases
    • Constantly working to stop glitching: suggestions accepted!
  • New Anti cheat
    • Our developer Derredstoner: has worked hard on an anti cheat
    • Report all bugs to the heads so that we can continue to work on it
  • Wild
    • Wild teleports are more random now
  • New: /warp repair
    • Buy Repair all’s at warp repair