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Lead Manatee
Jul 15, 2017
The Sea
Aight so I'm pretty sure every single person knows this, especially me since I have brought this up alot but hasnt been taken notice in, so may as well make a thread

Skywars is dead, like omg it's bad, the server was honestly what brought in around 1/5 of the players when i first joined which was around 150 per day. No one takes notice that after the server is dead, that was a huge blow to centrix in itself, bringing the average players I ever see to around 300 around the server. Which is bad, players like me probably have quit because of this, only reason some of us stay is due to friends or trying to aquaint to other gamemodes, but skywars needs to be reinovated man, it was a huge server back then and it should still be now. I'd still play it even after all these years if it was exactly like it was when i joined.

Main problem with the server is no doubtedly the centrixlag: There are a handfull of issues regarding it but the main one is ofcourse the centrixlag, I tried to play a little friendly game with some old friends sometime ago. And it was terrible, we had to wait a solid minute to wait to go from the cage to the ground (and that was after the game started) skywars is the only server I see with this much of a major issue, and it definitely what killed the server

second is the items, honestly man why do we need knockback 2345234234 swords, why so many 1 shot kill arrows, why so much diamond armour, I know that the old skywars before that had the same items but the thing is, ONLY DONORS COULD VOTE FOR OP STUFF, and that was fine, op stuff is good every once in a while, but not every game man, at this point it sucks out the fun and is just a matter of whom gets a knockback sword, or who camps out enough. It's bad.

and personally, why do we need to remove the maps from old skywars? This may be the nostalgic talking, but i didnt see anything wrong with some of the maps, I honestly would prefer to play a few from the old skywars than 1 or 2 from the new one. May just be me and my opinion so this is open for debate I guess

i think im done with my rant, i dunno if my suggestion on forums will mean anything but may mean more than when i was staff so hope you guys make this come true, with the limited schedule the devs have