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me no hacker you banned me me pro
Hello, @ys501

Create an appeal in the link provided https://centrixpvp.eu/banappeal/. Do NOT forget to follow the appeal format. Failure to follow the appeal format will lead into instant denial of the appeal. If you have any concerns feel free to reach me out on my discord HyperBeast#5123.
Hello i just wanted to ask you a question since you are the owner of the server if i am correct.Is this the same server named creeper craft ip ccmmo.net:25565?
If so me and my friends played alot of survival back in around 2015 and my other very important question is do any of you guys have backups of the survival worlds of the server becouse it will really mean alot. If you do please let me know.
This is not the same server, sorry.

We bought their IP when hey shut down.