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Dns Problem

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Hello Players,
At the moment "Cloudflare" our dns provider has a problem with changing values,
we are limited in what we can do but,
we have a different domain play.ccmmo.net that is working.

and i will update this post when its resolved

late update 1 -
the isssue has been resolved it took some time cause it was not in our hands to fix it
should all be working at this point


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Hey guys,

We are happy to announce that SkyBlock has been reset! A lot of things has been changed so here is the changelog.
The server is currently running 1.8.9 but you are able to join with 1.8x/1.9x/1.10x/1.11x/1.12x/1.13x and 1.14x. This means aswell that the old 1.8 combat is back on SkyBlock!

- Added coinflip
- Added Mcmmo (500 is max leveling)
- Added the gui shop

- Optimized vote system and added voteparty back
- You are now able to fly in the spawn area
- Added new warps
- Added leaderboards
- Added upgradeble generators
- Reworked the island panel
- Added scoreboard
- Changed some anticheat features

Remember, this is phase 1 from the SkyBlock reset. We will add and change more things after the release time! Suggestions are still welcome!

We hope you’ll enjoy the reset!
- Centrix Management Team


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Hello everyone! Over the past few months, the skyblock heads have been hard at work for the skyblock reset! We’re proud to announce that skyblock is ready for some action after being in the shadows! Enjoy!


  • New plugin!
  • Find of the list of commands
  • Upgradeable islands!
  • Vote for your favorite islands!
  • Add signatures to your island
  • New island role: Operators
  • Added island borders
  • Communicate with teammates using /is chat
  • Loads of new settings that you can control!
  • Get minions to do everything for you!
  • Obtained through the minions crate
  • Shifting near trees makes them grow instantly
  • You no longer have to wait for them to grow
  • While holding a diamond hoe, you now can automatically plant crops!
  • Occurs every 5 minutes with 5, 10,30, and 60-second warnings
  • Item frames...


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Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce that KitPvP has been reset and released! .

So what's going to be in the new reset?

- We Added a new Map built by EnderGamerTDM
- We brought back Duels
- Changed Kits
- Added new Crate rewards
- Added the Supreme crate
- Added a new Trading system
- Added a new envoy crate and changed the rewards inside

Other Servers
We are aware of bug and other issues that Skywars is having. We are working on getting those fixed so it is back up and running perfectly as soon as possible. We are also working on more resets for other servers that will be released in the near future, so stay tuned for those. As always, we hope to see you all on the server.

The Centrix Staff Team

UPDATE A quick lookback & 2019 !

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Hello Everyone,

As many of you have guessed and seen, 2018 has not been the best year that Centrix has seen. This was mainly due to a lower number of resets and game modes, as well as declining player numbers within the server. After seeing your feedback, criticisms, and suggestions here on the forums as well as on our Discord server, we have made new changes to the server that we think will help to put us back on track in 2019 and bring us back to where we once were.


As you have probably seen in the past few weeks, we have released new resets for the Survival server on December 14th and the Skywars server more recently on December 30th. Please continue to leave feedback on these resets here on the forums and on our Discord server. We also have other server resets planned for 2019. These include game modes such as Skyblock, Factions, Prison, and many more. We hope to get these resets out to the community as soon as we can while still giving out a quality game mode and...

TOPVOTERS TopVoters of September

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Hello everyone

Connection Issues
This is just a short update on why we had so many issues with people not able to connect to the server.
As far as we know, this issue should be resolved and everyone should be able to connect just fine again.
The issue was caused by us updating our BungeeCord to 1.13 support, we'll try to find out what is causing these issues for when we have to update in the future.

We want to send out a big thank you who voted the past month, this really supports the server and helps us getting over to new players.

Our top 3 voters of September were:

  1. AlexanderIII ( @AlexanderIII ): 215 votes
  2. SubZer0 ( @SubZer0 ): 213 votes
  3. Voltyx ( @Voltyx123 ): 204 votes
All of you will receive a coupon shortly in a private message.

P.S. The first server / gamemode to be updated will be SkyWars, we hope you'll like...