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Dear CentrixPvP,

Most of you might know, our forums has been compromised and they claimed that they got all of our data. But we did everything to block them from all our services and we are happy to announce that all your data are kept safe in our hands and nothing got taken or stolen from us. But we’ve decided to start a fresh and new forums to make sure that we fill every security breach and remove any exploits. This means that we’ve removed all your data for security reasons, which means functions like; Posts, Likes, Ruputations, Applications and Appeals, are all gone and resetted. We have made a temporary theme for this website, the main theme is in the making and we are working as fast as possible to finish this forum.

Security improvements:

We’ve improved our security systems, which means that from now on, all the pictures and avatars are now required to have a https (SSL) path. If we find anything that is not SSL, we will remove it, and we will inform you to watch out carefully.

<Right way>

<wrong way>
We’ve also decided to put 2-factor verification for all the staff members, it's highly recommended to do that and to also have a good and secured account. We will also improve our password strength system. So that means if you have a weak password we will inform you right away.

We’ve also improved our proxy systems and fixed a lot of exploits.

We are deeply sorry that this has happened and we will try our best to find out how they did it and we will hope that this will never happen again.

Thomas Admin / Web Manager