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Announcement Factions Reset
Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce that the Factions reset is finally here, this time with a big twist.
We know y'all have been waiting too long for this but we promise this time it'll be better!

New things:
- Improved CE's
- New builds
- Better koth (will be online some days after the reset)
- ALOT more PVP
- And more which you can find out on the server itself :O

Big thanks to @bouwer1000, @didjee2, @Hij310, @mechoriet and @Jooster11.

The release will find place at 7:00pm (UTC +1).
Any questions? Be sure to ask us in our Official Public Discord Server! (https://discord.gg/nycQn5Z)
Hallo CentrixPvP,

We've had alot of questions about an official Discord server, and here it is!
We are happy to announce that we've released our offical CentrixPVP Discord Server.

At the rigth sidebar you will see a tab to join our discord.

Our Teamspeak server will become unsupported and will go offline in the first week of September.

Kawithomas / Admin / Staff-Manager / Web Manager
Hello CentrixPvP,

Recently we have released KitPvP and fixed some bugs on other servers on the network.

We have released KitPvP and we are happy to see that it is back on track and we see that we have a lot of people enjoying the game modes. We also got some problems with the kits, as people are complaining that they are too op, not good enough or not balanced.

That is why we want your help, so we came up with an idea which we will explain below.

We have also fixed some in-game bugs on KitPvP
Here is the list of bugs that we fixed so far:

1- Nerfed and balanced the kits.
2- Fixed bugs in crates where you don't get some prizes.
3- Fixed bugs in envoys where you don't get some prizes.
4- Removed the kits demonic and hero from vote party prizes.
5- Optimized the server in order to reduce lag.
6- Optimized leveling system to become compatible with our new planned features that will be implemented soon!
7- Optimized shop prizes.

Moving on, the project leader of KitPvP has reached his 1 year staff anniversary and we are happy for him and we are glad that he is still with us hard working. We, the management team, thank you for your amazing job on KitPvP and we hope you will stay with us on the long run!

Moving on, we came up with a new “kit contest” idea to give all the players the opportunity to share their kit ideas.
The winner will get a special price, good luck!

You can find more information about @SkyAcer009‘s 1 year staff anniversary and about the about the contest here

Anti-cheat update
We have also a custom made anti cheat system build which is still in test phases and that means the anti cheat is only in our lobbies, for now, so we can test and maybe improve to global release and hence we can fix the hacker problems.

Reset process / Project news
We have some interesting news...
Hello everyone,

It was a long while without any updates on Centrix, but that time has been ended.
We have worked hard on new things such as adding new features (like the vote system), and servers who must be reset/updated. Also some new gamemodes will come soon to Centrix.

We are currently running a sale of 45% OFF in our webstore.
This sale will end on 27AUG 2017, so be fast!
You can still buy the ranks with the normal permissions like everyone has! These permissions won't go away AFTER the EULA enforcement! So be fast before it's too late > store.centrixpvp.eu
Read more about the EULA enforcement down here!

1.8 - 1.12.1 Support
As know, we have added 1.12.1 support last week to Centrix.
You are able now to play with the following versions on CentrixPVP, 1.8x/1.9x/1.10x/1.11x/1.12x

Kit-PVP Reset
The Kit-PVP server has been reset tonight succesfully. Reported and well-known bugs have been fixed and the server is now online so you are able to play on it!
- New map and warps
- Added jumppads
- Added custom pvp-levelings system
- Added custom voteparty
- Added new crates plugin
- New duel arena's (1v1)
- Added/Edited new kits and cooldowns

We would like to hear your feedback about the new Kit-PVP server. If you got any new suggestions, create a thread then on the forums to let us know!

We got a lot of requests that players are missing old maps. So we started this with a complete new organised lobby. Nah not complete new, it's an old one which has been edited a bit.
The new lobby contains must more protection from hackers, such as an Anti-Killaura system, which is built into the menu plugin. You are now also able to use your user settings in the lobby.

Other free-build servers (Factions-Skyblock-Prison-Survival-Creative)
All these servers will reset soon, suggestions are welcome and can be created on the...
The issues have been resolved.

Hello Everyone,

We are aware of connection issues on 1.12.1.

Just use 1.8 till 1.12 until we solve the issues.

And we are trying to resolve these issues asap.

Kind regards,
CentrixPVP Developers
Dear CentrixPvP,

We have been working on improving our voting systems and we are happy to announce that we have finished the vote systems and are already globally released. We hope that all the problems and bugs has been fixed.

A big change into the Vote System:
We have optimized our Vote System that helps us to send your votes into the server, so that means if your vote goes through a server, it checks the votes and sends the rewards to the player. Which means we can monitor the votes and can see at any point of time if something goes wrong with the votes that we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

A change into the Reward System
We have decided to change the reward system. Which means, from now on, you will get a vote point for every vote you give. With the vote point, you can redeem your prizes with the command /vote you and will get a menu like this:


And to claim your reward here is a little example:


We are still using our good old rewards we are still working on multiple new rewards to make them better and useful.

Little updates:

As you guys know that the forums is still being worked on, and we will finish it as fast as we can. But we need your help guys, if you have any suggestions, i’ve made a thread about it so if you have one post it here.

As all of you might know, Egg-Wars has been released and it is still in the improvement stage and we are fixing some bugs. And some lag issues has also been fixed.

We hope we have informed you enough, if you still have questions you can always ask us!

Kawithomas / Admin / Web Manager
Dear CentrixPvP,

Most of you might know, our forums has been compromised and they claimed that they got all of our data. But we did everything to block them from all our services and we are happy to announce that all your data are kept safe in our hands and nothing got taken or stolen from us. But we’ve decided to start a fresh and new forums to make sure that we fill every security breach and remove any exploits. This means that we’ve removed all your data for security reasons, which means functions like; Posts, Likes, Ruputations, Applications and Appeals, are all gone and resetted. We have made a temporary theme for this website, the main theme is in the making and we are working as fast as possible to finish this forum.

Security improvements:

We’ve improved our security systems, which means that from now on, all the pictures and avatars are now required to have a https (SSL) path. If we find anything that is not SSL, we will remove it, and we will inform you to watch out carefully.

<Right way>

<wrong way>
We’ve also decided to put 2-factor verification for all the staff members, it's highly recommended to do that and to also have a good and secured account. We will also improve our password strength system. So that means if you have a weak password we will inform you right away.

We’ve also improved our proxy systems and fixed a lot of exploits.

We are deeply sorry that this has happened and we will try our best to find out how they did it and we will hope that this will never happen again.

Thomas Admin / Web Manager
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