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Hello everyone!

First of all, I want to wish you all the best for 2018! In this year we will hopefully come back like the old Centrix (that's were we working on of course!)

Murder Mystery
The Murder Mystery is finally out, but what does it contains?
- New lobby
- A lot of fixed bugs
- Added hardcore mode
- Removed Library

NEW! Hardcore mode; this is an extra hard mode of Murder Mystery. You are playing this game with 3 murderers, 2 detectives and 11 innocents! Also we have just the classic mode, with 1 murderer, 1 detective and 14 innocents.
We removed the map Library because we want that you guys are only playing on Centrix-made maps.
The builders are at the moment very busy. We hope to add new maps soon to Murder Mystery.

BedWars (BETA!)
We launched BedWars at the end of 2017. This is a nice minigame and a lot of people like it. We are currently using an Open plugin (from internet simply said) with some little changes made by our devs.
This plugin is simply said, bad and laggy. @didjee2 is currently working on a own version of BedWars.
Still got idea's or suggestions, post it on the forums then! :p

This was it, thanks for reading!
- CentrixPVP-Management team
Hello everyone

Here I am again :), last time I said we're working hard on improving the network, and we are!
This time I am proud to announce we will release BedWars, a game which we had a lot of requests for, but was actually quite far in our TODO list.

Recently we have decided it was way more important then we guessed. As we first though it was way too similar to EggWars.

Anyways, here we go, in the first version, it will be quite similar as on other servers. In the future, we're planning onto making new features.


First of all, what is BedWars?
BedWars is a game with 4 modes (solo, double, 3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4) in which you have to defend your bed.
It's quite similar to EggWars, but less overpowered & more features in general.
You have an upgrade shop, in which you can buy cool upgrades for your entire team, to both attack the enemy & defend your island.

You have 4 types of generators (iron, gold, diamond & emerald), of which iron & gold spawn on your own island, diamonds will spawn on separate islands & emeralds will spawn in the middle.


First of all, a big thank you to the builders for finish maps that quick. We requested them rather late & to be built in a short amount of time. Sorry for that!

We will start with 4 maps:

  • Aergon (3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4)
  • Amazon (3v3v3v3 & 4v4v4v4)
  • Dome (solo & double)
  • Circus (solo & double)
We have also updated the QuickJoin by adding a new way to join arenas, the Arena Selector, this is very useful for bigger parties, you can now all join the same arena easily using this selector, without having the game full before everyone joined....
Announcement Developer Applications
Hello everyone

We at CentrixPVP do our very best to make the network grow, release & update new and existing gamemodes. But this needs time, time we don’t always have. It’s not going that fast right now and there is a reason for that, of course.

With this, I am happy to say that we are reopening the Developer applications. At there, you can apply for Ingame Developer (Java, knowledge of git & SQL), for Web Developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP & SQL) or for Web Designer (PhotoShop, HTML, CSS).
Both Web Developer & Designer should know how to style XenForo.

IMPORTANT: None of these will get paid. No one on CentrixPVP gets paid, we all do this for fun. In case of (beginning) Developers: we all do this to learn & to achieve experience.

If you have the skills of one of the three options above, please apply here.
You can also reach the apply from our Apply page.

Ingame Developers CAN start with Java knowledge only, SQL, Git & Maven are easy & quick to learn, as long as you understand programming basics.

Example jobs we would give:
Ingame Developer (most needed):

  • Create a Minigame: such as Annihilation, OITC, Hide & Seek.
    These minigames, mostly, already exist on SpigotMC, but not up to date or not what we need.
    We want to give our gamemodes special features & things other networks do not have.
  • Creating plugins on request of the server heads (for example: the recent coded spawner system for Factions)
Web Developer:
  • Create a stats site, containing stats of our Minigames, the FactionTop, User data (balance, kills, games played, …)
  • Create a online panel in which unregistered / non-staff members can check recent punishments & user...
Merry Christmas everyone!

A christmas event will be held on 24 December 8-9 AM (Eastern Time)

Factions Annual Christmas
This year it will be staff/builders vs the community. There is gonna be 5 koths in total your goals are to cap more koths than us. If you guys are successful, we will do a massive drop party with op loot. A Christmas kit will be provided. There will be a new Christmas theme map that will stay till factions reset.

Kind Regards,
CentrixPVP Staff Team
Hello everyone

We’ve been working extra hard lately to release new gamemodes and improve the network.
BuildBattle is one of them. An Advanced AntiCheat is another aspect and even more to come.

BuildBattle had been removed from our network months ago, and since then we’ve always been saying it would come back ‘soon’. That soon became several months to nearly (or even) a year.
Back then, it got removed because of several glitches. People could place blocks in lobbies and grief arenas, which is why we removed it back then.

But finally, I am happy to say that today BuildBattle will be released again, in a better form then we ever had before. It will start off rather simple. We will start with one new map and one map from the previous BuildBattle. Later on we will look into having new (team) modes.

  • Two maps:
    • Centrix Map: smaller but taller plots, min. 12 & max. 16 players.
    • Gladiators Map: bigger but less tall plots, min. 4 & max. 8 players.
  • Every player has up to 10 particles
  • Everyone can vote for themes, the theme with most votes wins.
  • Everyone is able to change the plot floor.
  • Everyone is able to reset his plot, very useful if something gets messed up on your plot.
  • Donators are able to change weather on their plot.
  • Donators are able to change time on their plot.
  • QuickJoin & Map selection is available for everyone!

The AntiCheat test server has been open for over a week, and the testing phases are starting to reach the end. During the writing of this post, 713 people have already been auto banned in the AntiCheat server alone! While the AntiCheat actually only bans the very obvious hackers in this first version of the auto banning system, we will continue to improve on it.

We’ll roll this system out over the entire network as soon as testing is done. We will also make a system which will keep you guys up-to-date...

Hello everyone!

The Christmas update is now live on Centrix. This update contains some little updates, sneakpeaks and announcements.

We are currently running a sale of 25% OFF at store.centrixpvp.eu
A bigger sale will follow at the 24th of December!

Our lobbies have been changed into X-mas style. It's now snowing and dark to give it more ambiance!
Some other servers have been changed into X-mas style too.

But what contains the 'new' update now?
We launched a new Anti-Cheat TEST server. We are testing our new anticheat system in here. This server is not always open but only on specific times (will be announced ingame!)

The SkyWars server has recieved a new update too. Some similar code changes have been made into the plugin and we have fixed some little bugs.
The chest-refill event has been added too!
A SkyWars mega update will follow soon (probably at New Year 2018)

Survival Reset
The Survival server has been resetted. It contains the following changes;
- Newest minecraft server (1.12.2)
- Added new Random-TP system
- Added the new CentrixCore and Rank-system
- Added new spawn, shop and warps
- Updated and removed some new/old plugins
- New voteparty rewards
- Added the newest ChestShop plugin
- Removed warp nether+end (to give survival more vanilla experience)

Kit-PVP and Prison
We are still working on these 2 servers to reset them, more information will follow soon!

News about the factions server will be frequently posted by our Faction Heads @Sywo and @michael244.
Join our Discord server for more information about this!

EggWars V2.0.1
The newest version of EggWars is already available to play, but only for TRIPLE mode. The EggWars server will soon receive a big update as...
★·.·´¯`·.·★ Creative Event ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Hello Centrix players, I'm happy to announce a new event in Creative!
With December rolling in and the cold as well, why not have a contest?

Here are the details below!

Theme: Winter
Due Date: Jan 10, 2018
Plot Size: 1

2 Weeks unlimited W/E
5 Plots
1 Week unlimited W/E
4 Plots
1 Week Unlimited W/E
3 Plots

Submissions will be entered below with the following format:
Ign(s) [ Ingame name(s) ]
Plot home [ /p h (name) ]

Players can only be in 1 submission, so you may work up to teams of 2.
If seen in more than 1 submission, you will be disqualified from the event and the submission will be removed.

The Judges will be revealed the following day after the due date.
Any submissions turned in after the 10th will not be in the event.

Winners will be announced in the following week.

Good luck to all that enter and have fun, I look forward to all the submissions!
Have a question about the event? Ask away down below!

Creative Head​
Hello everyone,

We are running since last friday a sale of 70% OFF on all rank/rank upgrades.
Paypal is currently not available due some issues, but we are working hard on it to bring it back asap!

The sale will end wednesday!

Shop now at: store.centrixpvp.eu

Hello everyone

We've had issues with passwords since the beginning. A lot of people accidentally give away their password, forget it or are getting 'hacked'.

Anyways, you could always make tickets for that. The problem was: many could not provide any valid proof, meaning we were unable to identify if that person was the valid owner.

With this, we have decided to enable an Email Recovery System. Meaning you can simply setup your email in our lobbies (using /email [your email]).
When you then forgot your password, you can simply type /email recover [your email].

Our system will then send you a mail with further instructions.
CentrixCore will also ask you, when you join our lobbies, to setup an email address, untill it found a valid email.

With this, we will instantly deny future password requests without any proof provided, starting from the first of January 2018.

We also cleared existing accounts who did not join anymore since June 2016, meaning that inactive account names will be free now.

I’m also happy to announce that we updated our quickjoin system, allowing members to select maps again.
We received quite alot questions to give map selection back to the members, well here it is.

Last but not least, the Staff Applications are finally open again! You can find them by clicking on the apply button in the right top of our site. Developer applications will be opened soon!

The maintenance as mentioned below should be finished within 4 hours after this post.

Kind regards,
Dieter aka didjee2
The CentrixPVP Staff Team
Maintence Updating
Hello everyone,

We are currently updating our servers and network which will lead into a maintenance for a little time.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

The maintenance is completed at 1:30 UTC + 1

Kind Regards,
Centrix-Network Dev Team
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